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Tours operate daily, allowing you access to three national monuments. As part of small group entering the wide-open space, you will circle the crop field to explore all.

The Watermill at Skerries Mill

The Watermill

Stop by the Watermill built to power the Mill, and learn about sources of natural energy mastered by our ancestors. Water power has been used to manufacture food, drain land and drive machinery for some two thousand years. The major development in water powered milling came in the first century A.D with the introduction of the vertical waterwheel.

The Four Sail Mill at Skerries Mills

The Four Sail Mill

Built on the site on an ancient fort, at the Four Sail Mill, you will step back in time to the late Middle Ages when this area was known as Holmpatrick, due to Saint Patrick’s links with the area. Delve into learning the inner workings of the Sail Mill, better known as a windmill, and be prepared to climb 23 steps to reach the thatch dome.

The Five Sail Mill at Skerries Mills

The Five Sail Mill

Reach the Five Sail Mill, an iconic landmark offering you a panoramic view of the islands off Dublin and the coastline as far as the Mourne Mountains. Step inside to appreciate the output of this monument to human engineering, which creates more than an impressive picture. The caps of tower and smock mills are turned to the wind by using a winch or tail-pole.

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Skerries Mills is operated as a not-for-profit social enterprise, each visit supports the role of the Mills in the community.

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Skerries Mills is open all year. See our Frequently Asked Questions section or get in touch. Access to the monuments is by guided tour only and we recommend booking your place.

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