Skerries Mills Community Garden
Community Group at Skerries Mills


Welcoming many community groups daily, we support a diverse range of projects and are happy to host Skerries Community Garden, which can be viewed on arrival. Established in the Autumn of 2020 when the newly formed Community Gardening Group first started planting the beds. They had recently discovered a rare bumblebee in Skerries, several of the core members were actively engaged in pollinator conservation work and purposefully selected pollinator-friendly plants. By the Summer of 2022 the Large Carder Bee had moved in, just in time for the first Wild Bee Festival. Skerries Mills is now situated at the centre of a network of bumblebee corridors throughout the town.

Community at Skerries Mills

Skerries Men’s Shed is also nestled on the lands of this heritage site and offers a picturesque retreat promoting socialisation, learning, skills sharing, and engagement with the wider community. A core principle of our Watermill Café open 7 days a week is to address social isolation, our visitors are welcome to sit & knit, read a magazine, and chat with our friendly team.

We support local artists and skilled craftspeople. Our rooms for hire are utilised frequently by small art groups. We offer an exhibition space for local artists and opportunities for local crafters.

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