Raygart Art reaches 21st birthday

The Raygart Art Group was established in 2003. Since then they have met every Monday afternoon in Skerries Mills, except for the summer months.

The group provides a supportive environment for individuals who want to enhance their artistic skills.

The meetings have a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere,  They welcome new members when space allows, provided they have reasonable proficiency in basic art and drawing skills. The group does not offer formal instruction.

The meetings focus on mutual support and improvement, rather than a strict curriculum. Members engage in constructive critiques and collaborate on plans to improve their art.

They take inspiration from the local Skerries seascape and explore various subjects, including landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, abstracts, and expressive paintings. The predominant mediums used are oil paints and acrylics.

The group has organised plein air painting trips during the summer, venturing to locations along the East Coast and the Cooley Mountains. They have also visited Connemara and travelled abroad to France.

They have exhibited their works in venues such as Ardgillan Castle, and they hold an annual exhibition in Skerries Mills.

Ray Leonard and Garry Westby founded the group, hence the name Raygart.

Raygart will exhibit some of their painting in Skerries Mills from the 29th of April – the 12th of May 2024.

For additional details, look up “Raygart Art Group Skerries Mills” on the internet.